About us

The Tennis Academy Umag (TAU) is situated in the beautiful Tennis Centre "Stella Maris".

Our Tennis Academy Umag program is designed for the serious students that have the overall desire, work ethic and commitment to improve their game. The expectation is that TAU students play 6 times per week all year long.

The Tennis Academy Umag student should also be participating in tournaments (Croatian Tennis Association, Tennis Europe). Eligibility in the TAU Tournament Training Programme is based upon the student’s work ethic and commitment to improve his/her game.

Tennis Academy Umag

Our academy uses only the latest training methods in all areas: technical, tactical, psychological, and physical. Academy trainers aim to provide quality care to their players.

The head of the project is Bruno Bilić, one of the best Croatian coaches with long coaching experience, who trained the best juniors in Croatia, Germany and Russia.

The most important thing in all types of programs is the tennis development in all aspects:

  1. Development and improvement of proper tennis strokes and basic footwork
  2. Improvement of the technical and tactical aspects
  3. Strategy and tactics of the game
  4. Fitness program
  5. Working with sparring partner and sparring matches

If you wish to join the camp, please send us an email at brunisevic@gmail.com, and we are going to answer you within 24 hours.