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Important Tips For Buying Perfect Tennis Shoes

Tennis is an intricate sport that requires detailed attention to various parameters for optimal performance. You need to focus not only on training yourself but also for buying the perfect tennis shoes, racquets, clothes, etc.A combination of these factors will decide the quality of the game that you play. Here are a few important parameters that will help you choose the best tennis shoes for an upcoming game.

Tips for Choice Based on Fitment

These fitment parameters differ from person to person

  1.   Choose the Fit According to the Foot Style and Size

You can classify your feet basically into one of the three major types namely, over pronator, neutral and under-pronator. Ask a professional salesperson to judge the type of foot that you have and suggest a shoe accordingly. The wrong type of shoe can cause an imbalance in your play and thereby pose the risk of an injury.

  1.   Buy the Perfect Fit Size (Not Bigger, Not Smaller)

You should emphasize on shoes that fit your feet perfectly. Only such shoes will allow your feet to breathe as well as perform at the same time. A larger size can cause imbalance while a smaller one can cause discomfort.

  1.   Comfort Over Performance for Endurance

Ideally, you should have more than one pair of shoes for playing in case you want to go pro. If you are participating in an endurance training, you need to have shoes that are comfortable. A comfortable pair will steadily help you increase your time frame for a continuous game play without exhaustion.

Best tennis shoes

  1.   Based on the Type of Play

The choice of shoes also depends upon the type of play. If you play near the net, you focus on jumping a lot, therefore, you should have high-performance shoes at the trade-off for comfort. However, when you are playing at the border of the court, you need to run from end to end a lot. Therefore, you should emphasize on getting a comfortable pair of shoes.

  1.   Length of Shoe Laces

Always try a medium length lace for your shoes. Most professional athletes have an extra pair of laces for their shoes so that they can replace the lace at a moment’s notice in case of a damaged aglet.

Tips Based on the Choice of Court/Environment

The type of tennis court where you play also decides the type of shoes that you should buy.

  1.   Select Based on Type of Tennis Court

If you are playing on a leveled concrete field, get a comfortable pair of shoes with extra padding. However, for a grass field, get one with extra grip.

  1.   Tread Pattern

The tread pattern should be suited according to the court too. For a leveled field, a minimum tread is required. However, for a grass field, your shoes should have ample treads.Buying the right set of shoes can improve your performance by a significant amount. Therefore, you should emphasize on checking these parameters before each purchase.

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