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The Pros and Cons of Buying an Outdoor Basketball

Basketball is a sport that can be played both indoors as well as outdoors. Although the rules of the game remain the same, there are subtle differences between the sports equipment used to play it. The flooring of the court, basketball hoops, as well as the basketball itself, is different for indoor and outdoor versions of the sport.
If you are confused about purchasing an indoor and outdoor basketball, this guide will help you make the right decision or you can go and check Pro Basketball Troops website for better information. Here are a few pros and cons of buying an outdoor basket.


The Material of the Basketball

The outdoor basketballs are made from highly durable materials. Leather and butyloutdoor basketball game rubber are two of the most commonly used materials for these basketballs. These materials make the basketball a good choice over the indoor basketballs that are made from relatively delicate materials.

Ruggedness and Overall Lifespan of the Basketball

The outdoor basketballs are designed to last longer compared to the indoor ones. These basketballs are made from rugged materials that wear down very little over time. Therefore, you can pebble these basketballs for a long period without the worry of losing grip on them.


The outdoor basketballs are usually very cheap compared to the indoor ones. Compiling the facts that they have a longer lifespan and a smaller price tag on them, these basketballs produce an excellent return on investment. They can last for a couple of years before going bad.

Surface to Play On

The outdoor basketballs are rugged enough to be used on multiple surfaces. You can play with these basketballs on a wooden flooring as well as a concrete one.


Playing Experience

The indoor basketballs usually have a more professional touch and feel to them. Therefore, the overall playing experience is better in case of indoor basketballs.

Bounce Height

The outdoor basketballs are often accused of having a too high or too low bounce compared to the indoor ones. The main reason for this inconsistency in bounce height is that the quality and material of the outdoor basketball is not as high as the one presented by the indoor one.


The outdoor basketball has a higher tendency to acquire dust and dirt compared to the indoor ones.


The outdoor basketballs have inconsistent weight. Outdoor basketballs from different brands have different weights. This makes the quality of play change from game to game.

Air Retention

The outdoor basketballs are not very good at retaining the air pressure. In fact, you need to inflate it back to the regular position even in case you do not use the ball for a couple of weeks.

Lack of Grip and Shallow Grooves

The outdoor basketball usually features shallow grooves to increase its grip on the ground. However, this phenomenon directly reduces the amount of grip it has on the hands of the player.

If you are planning on playing and practicing basketball for professional purposes, choose an indoor basketball. For other purposes, the outdoor basketball is a good choice.

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